Southeast Region

Southeast Region Headquarters is one of eight geographic, regional divisions of the Civil Air Patrol command structure that reports directly to National Headquarters. The geographic command jurisdiction encompasses the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. This regional division is chartered at the direction of the Civil Air Patrol.

The Southeast Region is charged with the executive oversight and indirect management of Civil Air Patrol congressionally mandated missions as carried out by the region's six wings. Headquarter staff are considered the most talent professionals in their area of specialty. Through this knowledge, staff lends support to wings to their counterparts

The Southeast Region command is further divided into six wings. These six wings are the same as its geographical command: Alabama Wing, Florida Wing, Georgia Wing, Mississippi Wing, Tennessee Wing and Puerto Rico Wing.

Each wing has its own headquarters and command. Wing personnel are charged with the execution of Civil Air Patrol missions. This is typically performed by additional subdivisions of each wing in the form of squadrons. The region has a total of 241 squadrons throughout the region performing 1000 search and rescue missions, 100 counterdrug missions, 100 homeland security missions per year. Additionally, over 4,300 cadets are educated and an estimated 1,500 aerospace classes are conducted.

Area: 271,717 square miles
Coastline: 1,866 miles
Terrain: A mix of tropical regions, mountainous regions, plains, and wetlands

Personnel and Resources
Personnel: approx. 9,500
Aircraft: 83
Ground assets: 133
Units: 277
Point of Contact
Southeast Region HQ, Public Affairs Office; Maxwell AFB; e-mail