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Numerical Index of Alabama Wing Civil Air Patrol Forms

This is an electronic index of Alabama Wing Forms currently in effect by classification, title, date, digital format, and office of primary responsibility (OPR) at Alabama Wing Headquarters Civil Air Patrol. To download a form, click download icon () or the title of the form. It is CAP's intention that all publications be written utilizing the concepts of gender neutrality. Therefore, except as required due to gender differences (such as in descriptions of CAP uniforms), all references to one gender should be interpreted to apply equally to both genders.

1. Form Submission. The submission of each form is defined by 'Rule'. The rules are as follows:
     a. Rule 1 - Original forms ONLY will be accepted. Original forms will include an actual (true) signature.
     b. Rule 2 - May be transmitted without a person's actual signature via e-mail only.
     c. Rule 3 - May be transmitted as a scanned document (to include the person's actual signature) via fax or email.
Form Prescribing Directive Date Info
ALWGF 173-FR, Fund Raising Activity Report ALWG FMP Dec 15
ALWGF 173-SA, Accounts Receivable ALWG FMP Dec 15
ALWGF 173-DA, Deposite Advice ALWG FMP Dec 15
ALWGF 173-RR, Expense Reimbursement Request ALWG FMP Dec 15
ALWGF 173-RA, Fuel/Oil Receipt Checklist and Addendum ALWG FMP Jun 16

Distribution:  Alabama Wing and Southeast Region Publications websites. OPR: DA
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The following list of forms have been retired from use.  Retire forms is defined as having been replaced by an updated version.  This is typically due to regulatory changes approved by the command authority.  
Retired forms hold no validity in use unless:
  • The current version of the same form states "Previous Version May Be Used", and 
  • There is no intermediate version of the form being used and the most current version
Ver. 3 - Current Form (States "Previous version may be used")
Ver. 2 - Previous version of Form
Ver. 1 - Oldest version of Form
Ver. 3 should be used; however Ver. 2 may be used in order to deplete physical stock to prevent waste.  Ver. 1 should not be used in any instance.

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